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A fast and reliable internet connection is among the most vital factors companies consider while they conduct their businesses. Since companies nowadays strive to reach a wider coverage in terms of the customers they cater to, the reliability of their business broadband plays a significant role in establishing and maintaining business connections.

Unlike consumer broadband, business broadband offers more specialized services and higher levels of support. Depending on the service provider, the speed of a business broadband varies from 76Mb to 10Gb. While the speed is subjected to different factors, one of which is location, business broadband providers give companies the option to avail of their Fibre connection instead of the ADSL connection.

Aside from speed, businesses also need to have a 24/7 access to support centers. Most providers have a Service Level Agreement, wherein providers of business broadband need to address reported problems in no longer than 24 hours.

There are business broadband phone deals

Alongside advances in technology comes the threats to security. Business-grade Internet connection does not only revolve around cost, speed, and support. Ideal business broadband also needs to place a valuable attention to the security feature of its service so that malware and viruses can be kept from causing significant damages to the business. In a time where hacking and phishing scam are also prevalent, businesses must be wary of issues that may arise due to a lack of comprehensive security measure. There are business broadband deals that provide protection, although, of course, it comes with additional charges.

Furthermore, while the IP may not be a real concern for consumer broadband, businesses usually require a static IP, or an IP address that does not change. This feature assigns a fixed address or location, which is represented by a unique number. This means that they will not be assigned a new and dynamic IP address on each visit. Providers offer static IP with their business broadband deals. For example, BT Business Broadband charges £8 per month and £38 for setup cost. Because a fixed IP address is vulnerable to security threats, an excellent internet security is indeed a requisite for efficient business operations.

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Other remarkable features offered by business broadband providers are domain names and web hosting. Some packages also include email addresses as part of their services, and yet again, this requires businesses to consider the anti-spam filtering.

While business owners may not pay attention to a highly technical aspect such as contention ratio, providers of business broadband often assure businesses that they offer at least a 5:1 ratio, meaning there are 5 users sharing the same network or bandwidth. Depending on how much a business is paying, the contention ratio can even be 1:1, but imagine how much that would cost.

While these are the most basic features Internet service providers offer, business broadband packages may also provide a more customized package that is appropriate to the needs of the company. For instance, compared to a leased line, a dedicated line ranks higher in reliability.

With the number of business broadband packages available in the market today, choosing which service to get is a not a piece of cake for businesses, especially because there is too much at stake.